LACTOFERRIN: natural preservation of oral microbiota

    What is it?

    Lactoferrin, the most important natural protein of saliva,
    has a beneficial effect on the oral cavity
    of people of all ages.


    “bad” bacteria with dual action. Directly, by clinging onto and killing them; indirectly, by depriving them of Iron, essential for their survival and reproduction


    Maintains the oral microbiota and maintains proper immune system function by naturally integrating basic and specific functions.


    bacteria that encourage proper microbiota function as they need less Iron to survive. In addiction Lactoferrin acts like a nutrient for them.


    protective, functioning and homoeostasis systems of our mucous membrane; natural barriers of our primary defences


    • Halitosis

    • Plaque

    • Gingivitis

    • Periodontitis

    • Mucosa lesions

    • Black stain

    Forhans Lactoferrin

    with ProStrength®

    keeps bacterial proliferation under control, 5 times more than lactoferrin without Prostrength


    B group vitamin

    helps keep oral mucosa healthy

    What is it for?

    The combined use of Scudo Naturale
    gel toothpaste, granular mouthwash and mouth dissolving tablets,
    helps to maintain a healthy oral cavity and prevent:

    The multiplication of pathogenic bacteria
    in the oral cavity

    The formation
    of plaque and tartar

    The development of bacteria
    which cause halitosis

    The adhesion of bacteria
    to gums

    The formation
    of black stain

    Does not cause
    discolouration of teeth


    Antiviral Properties of Lactoferrin

    A Natural Immunity Molecule

    Lactoferrin and the Oral Cavity

    The oral cavity: microbiota, saliva, lactoferrin, inflammations and infections

    Lactoferrin and Halitosis

    Oral cavity diseases: classic therapies and innovations in the treatment of halitosis

    Lactoferrin and Gingivitis

    Oral cavity diseases: classic therapies and innovations in the treatment of gingivitis

    Lactoferrin and Periodontitis

    Oral cavity diseases: classic therapies and innovations in the treatment of periodontal disease

    Lactoferrin and Black Stains

    Oral cavity diseases: classic and innovative therapies in the treatment of Black Stain

    Lactoferrin and Athletes

    Oral cavity diseases in athletes’ general notions on anaemia and inflammatory transient state in athletes

    Granular Mouthwash

    The first and unique granular mouthwash

    Toothpaste Gel

    Without abrasive effect on dentine and gums

    Buccal Tablets

    Natural Solution for your oral cavity problems

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